Greetings, fellow changemakers! I'm Paula, your enthusiastic guide on the journey of community empowerment and wellbeing. With roots in Portugal and a heart captivated by England, my background in cancer diagnosis with the NHS and current pursuit of the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme reflects my passion for improving people's health.

Level Up - Community 2.pngNow, as the Community Champions Lead, I'm here to empower and support you in creating meaningful impacts within our communities. 

Are you ready to ignite positive change in your neighbourhood? Join us as a Community Ambassador/Champion and embark on a deeply fulfilling journey of empowerment and impact! 

Our program, developed hand-in-hand with Level Up  goes beyond traditional volunteering—it's about making tangible differences in the lives of others. As a volunteer, you'll collaborate with like-minded individuals, spreading essential health and wellbeing information across Cheshire, Merseyside. 

Imagine yourself as part of a team fuelled by lived experiences, where your voice holds sway, and your actions spark real change. Equipped with comprehensive online training and access to a centralized platform, you'll have the tools and resources needed to make a genuine difference. 

As a Community Ambassador/Champion, you'll actively engage with the community, fostering communication, and dismantling barriers to accessing vital support services. Your innovative ideas, valuable feedback, and contagious enthusiasm will be pivotal in shaping our initiatives and propelling us toward our shared vision of healthier, more resilient communities. 

Today, I extend an invitation for you to join us and become an indispensable part of a movement dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of everyone around us. Together, we hold the power to effect lasting change and leave behind a legacy of positivity for generations to come. 

Take that crucial first step toward making a difference—don't hesitate, sign up now, and let's embark on this empowering journey together!