BLOG: Hannah Stace, Gateway Project Support, discusses the upcoming Community of Practice Event, Tuesday 14 February 

By Hannah Stace, Gateway Project Support: 

Thank you to everyone who attended the event in October, we got some really good feedback and I thought it was really interesting that so many people would like to see more case studies. Here's some of the key themes from the feedback we recieved: 

Keythemes (1) (1).png

We're currently developing a fictional case study to help make it easier to understand how certain elements of the Gateway work. We hope to have this ready for an event in the near future so please let us know what the most common challenges are that you're facing, and we'll incorporate them into the case study. 

Also, we're excited to invite professionals involved in in the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Gateway to our next Community of Practice Event on Tuesday 14 February 2023, 9.30am-11.00am. If you would like to joing the next Community of practice event please email: Gateway Project Support, Hannah Stace, or Gateway Programme Manager, Elizabeth Collins,

Following feedback, we’ve redeveloped the agenda to have a more detailed focus on peer support and shared learning.  

At the event we’ll be discussing:  

  • Peer support  
  • Shared learning 
  • Updates from Gateway chairs  
    • Progress on local gateways 
    • Challenges gateways have had to overcome 
  • Research on multi-agency problem solving  

For a look at the full agenda please click here.