Completing the CNEST

Clinicians should complete this tool for children and young people in the getting more help/getting risk support quadrants of the Thrive framework, based on a young person’s current presentation. To ensure the CNEST is up to date and reflective of the current presentation and level of risk, clinicians should review scores:

  • At assessment. 
  • When there is a change in presentation.  
  • When there is a change in circumstances. 
  • When there is a change to the formulation. 
  • At regular or key intervals in the patient journey e.g. review of care plan and risk plan, transitions etc. 

Top tips: 

  • Download the Complex Needs and Escalation Support Tool (CNEST) and use the drop down menus below to read more about completing each section of the CNEST. 
  • When using the tool you can reveal more information about each risk factor and options by hovering over the cell with your mouse. 
  • To change the risk score, click the down arrow to the side of the risk score you would like to change and select the number from the drop down menu, this will automatically update the overall score for the section. 

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